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01 Sept
Webinar: A Financial Strategy of X's & O's


J.R. Summers has deep roots in the sport of football. In this webinar, he uniquely translates how winning strategies in football apply to helping clients win financially.  There are Common Truths between Football and Finance.

  1. Play to Win > There is no perfect plan, but a plan for winning must be made.
  2. Know Your Opponent > Studying an opponent’s game film for historical patterns, tendencies, and probabilities, is essential for developing a winning Game Plan.
  3. Executing Offensive, Defensive & Special Team Strategies > Once the whistle blows, executing  the team’s Game Plan requires a “read and react” response to their opponent’s ever-changing patterns of behavior.
  4. Balancing Risk & Reward > As the game unfolds, teams must react to incremental “wins and losses” in their strategies, determining their next-best-actions and their risk-reward tradeoffs.
  5. Operate within Specified Time Limits > Most games, not just football, have defined time limits to win, segmented into increments of quarters, periods, innings, etc.

Date and Time

Fri, Sep 01, 2023

7:15a - 8:15a PST




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